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Website Support

Website is an instrument of marketing and advertising. But if you want it to be reliable, it is necessary constantly to support its functioning: work on the search engine optimization, fill it with new, interesting for visitors content, conduct monitoring of ads efficiency, analyze and improve usability.

There can be constant or one-tome website support.

Website technical support:

  • Hosting and domain name support.
  • Monitoring and supporting system’s efficiency and speed.
  • Providing correct display of the content in different browsers.
  • Improving usability (convenience of website use).
  • Timeous removal of all possible bugs.
  • Data backup.
  • Adding Metadata to the pages. Developing scripts, setting plug-ins, setting attributes to tags of hyperlinks and images.
  • Automatic output of the new important information to the main page.
  • Extra navigation elements – marks, pop-up hints, “breadcrumbs”.
  • Configuring online consulting systems (free or paid).

Informational website support:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • Timely updating of advertising and other information.
  • Developing of interactive elements.
  • Refreshing news.
  • Updating catalogs and products' price lists.
  • Press releases.
  • Updating photocatalogues.
  • Computer processing of the materials.
  • Texts translations.

Suport of website's design:

  • Compliance of visual website integrity during filling it with graphic material.
  • Developing graphic elements: banners, flash-animation, illustrations, schemes etc.
  • Developing new pages.
  • Redesigning website as needed.

Complex website support helps efficient work of your website as advertising platform of your business, attracting new visitors, making them constant clients, strengthening your company’s image on the market.