Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a fast, cheap and telic kind of commercial on the Internet. It is one of search engine system’s services. Contextual ads are shown in search engine windows (Google, Yandex,, Rambler) after output of search results for keyword request of user, in commercial nets and also from search results.

Contextual advertising – is an ad based on correspondence of ad material to page context (content) of the Internet source where commercial block is placed. Carrier of commercial can be text ad or advertising banner.

Contextual advertising efficiency is guaranteed by some features:

  • Using target audience, gives accurate answer to request in search engine;
  • Fast production, ability of using quick attraction of clients if needed;
  • Ability of precise monitoring of  efficiency;
  • Easy modernization;
  • Choice of time and place of ad display;
  • You pay only for transfers (clicks).

Contextual advertising is the answer to the question on how to use already existing demand fast and effectively,  how to quickly promote company, increase sales? This became especially relevant for the last few years according to global crisis when need to survive in hard market conditions existed. Commercial got functions to speed up sales and raise their volume providing the  quickest return of current assets spent on company development and advertising.

How to make contextual advertising?

The essential conditions of advertising efficiency are:

  • Studying contextual advertising services;
  • Correct forming of media plan;
  • Analyzing competitive ads, considering target audience features, assessment of advantages of your products and services, sale conditions;
  • Key words selection;
  •  Writing of marketing texts;
  • Analyzing working commercial efficiency;
  • Ad correction;
  • Improving usability of advertiser’s website.

Contextual advertising payment

For contextual advertisement in search engine system, definite words are bought. When an Internet user enters these words in search request, among other links that are search results,  he will see contextual advertisement.

Payment is provided for click if users go to advertiser’s website. The price is an auction. First will be shown ads with higher rate for transfer.

Contextual advertising payment can be minimal. In contextual advertising services Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Begun minimal budget is 300 rubles a month. With this sum businessman can start his advertising company by himself.

Internet advertising is known as the most effective. That's why budgets for contextual advertisements are rising. Many advertisers spend large sums of money for these kinds of commercial.

 Use of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising can be used to promote almost all kinds of products and services, either its companies or private clients. Contextual advertising is widely used in such fields as tourism, real estate, auto transport, traditional and aesthetic medicine, banking sector, furniture, house goods, clothing etc.

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising

A counter is set on advertiser’s website and it fixes the quantity of users’ click-transfers and websites from which they were. You can count these clicks and convert them into Internet requests or buyers’ calls and further how real sales and orders increased. After this you compare daily advertising budget and daily income, and decide how effective your advertisement is. If the ad is not efficient enough it requires correction, and if it brings good income maybe it’s worth to raise the ad's inputs.

Seek professionals

If you want your contextual advertising to bring you real income it is worth to look for an appropriate experienced contractor who knows everything about such advertising and has worked enough.

Internet studio “3D World Web Company” is the partner on contextual advertising of  Yandex and Begun companies. This means our work is paid by a company that provides contextual advertising service, your money will be spent fully on advertising.

We are monitoring clickability of your ads and work to increase them. Also we clarify rates on target requests for your advertising budget optimization.

We have optimal commercial prices with guaranteed high quality of work.

We guarantee your success!