You can get many visitors to your website using different methods, the way they will act later depends on website's text content. This is when you need SEO copywriter’s services.

SEO copywriting is the creation of unique texts for websites considering search engine systems’ requests for active attraction of users.

Commercial website content must be interesting and differ from others websites of similar subjects. Because website’s text serves as a company ad. It must be short, capacious, persuasive, easy to read. Besides it is important to structure it clearly.


Texts for websites carry the double load. Text must:

  • First, attract clients’ attention, interest them in cooperation with you;
  • Second, be optimized for search requests.

The main goal of commercial website – sale of products and services. Main role there belongs to the website content. Texts' composition is important and decides, whether users want to have further cooperation with you. Correctly composed content will eloquently tell the potential clients about your company's activity, it will attract  new clients to the company, will help to increase sales of products and services, will raise your income. It can tell about actual attractive discounts, unique trade or business offers, prove to the user that it is worth to choose exactly your company.

But besides the eloquently written text and correctly composed commercial offers of your website, it is necessary to attract  Internet search engine systems’ attention to your website. When searching bots run, they give requests to the key words. These key words must be in your text in optimal quality, for not to break its integrity and readability. Skilled copywriter can solve this problem if he knows details of the website search engine optimization. In result of the correct SEO copywriter’s work, your website will be able to lead in search engine systems’ results, this will attract the real consumers to you. SEO copywriter’s work requests knowledge in the fields of psychology, marketing, advertising, search engine systems of websites. It is needed to have knowledge of market segment of producing goods and services, analyzing competing situation, studying the target audience features. So leave composing texts for your website to the professionals who have needed knowledge and experience in this field.

Creating SEO texts for you, we will analyze your company’s activity and consider the following information:

  • Product or service description;
  • Main advantages of product or service;
  • Internet audience characterization;
  • Information about main competitors.

Asa result of copywriter’s work a unique commercial offer will be picked out, and with its help it will be possible to attract maximum attention to the client's business. This offer will be reviewed from the maximum benefit point of view chasing a goal to attract users to dynamic actions, to buy service or product.

SEO copywriting is a marketing instrument which allows you to solve the problems of successful website creation on the Internet, attraction of the target audience to the website, increasing sales’ growth of your  production and, in the end, your company’s income raise.

We will write for you texts that correspond to the following parameters:

  • Optimal key words and phrases density;
  • Key words are given in correct, interesting context;
  • Texts are well indexed by search engine systems;
  • Text content is unique and attracts essential visitors;
  • Texts serve as a good advertisement and sell.