Creation of social networks

Social networks are becoming more and more popular. They are the way of people’s connection and communication.

Every social network’s goal is to collect more users, give them new features for self-realization,  friends or classmates search, communication, information exchange.

Herewith social networks are becoming more popular not only as a way of communication, but as marketing instruments. Now it is possible to effectively sell products or offer services through the social network.

Social networks often form communities inside one theme or topic. Social networks give more possibilities for full change of necessary information between users than forums. It is reached by improving connections between users  and extra services: friends search, blogs, diaries, photo and video albums creating, meetings, organization and other services.

There is a possibility to create and promote your own social network on a specific theme.

You will always find a way to use your private social network. It can be unobtrusive advertising of your own products or services, support of your main project, placing ads for money. It is allowed to use banners, to offer actions paid advertisements, targeted advertising. Social network is the perfect ability to choose just the audience that you need for targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is an ad showed to the target audience, considering visitor's sex, age, social position, place of living and interests. Targeted advertising hits the target, finds a suitable audience for company advertising. There are different applcations that can be added to your social network and used to manage your ads.

Big companies create thematic social networks to expand their business. They form consumers’ community around their service or product.

Our web studio will create for you a social network and help you reach your goals. It will open new abilities for development of your business and prosperity.

Social network creation is a large and complicated project that only professionals with an experience can complete.

Our sites are reliable and comfortable for users. We carefully consider all the specifications of the chosen theme. Our social nets are provided with all necessary functions: free and easy  communication, posting articles, commenting news, private messaging, exchanging files, video view, sending and recieving presents, groups organization, meetings, to earn money on advertising and sell your products.

The social networks that we create are highly reliable and have high quality.

Companies’ official pages in social networks

More companies are creating now not only websites, but also company pages in popular social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Google+, My Space, Twitter, YouTube etc. One of a popular ways of promotion is to create a group where all the information about company or products is placed. Here you can post news, pictures, posts about new products and services,  discuss them, etc. Such resources give you the possibility to make a sort of Internet store. It is a good way to expand your client's database. Also you can just attract users by adding new interesting information to your page and at the same time to interest them in using your products and services.

Also you can make an advertising page for your brand or website, including hidden one.

Social networks links

It is possible to place special link buttons to social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Google+, My Space, Twitter, YouTube etc on the site’s pages . Using these links users can go to your group directly from website and add it to their list.

Adding social networks' links is also a website optimization. The more visitors will share the info from your social network page, the more visitors from social networks will come to your website.