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Correct formalization of a website

First of all, a website visitor always pays attention to its design and appearance, and only then estimates information placed in it.  This evaluation takes almost no time. To hold user's attention, it is necessary to accurately structure text content on the page and to lay it out nicely.

Formalizing texts it is important to consider that fact that internet users mostly only look through pages, instead of reading them.

Creating a website is not only making a convenient navigation bar, well-chosen graphics, drawings, photographs, color combinations, etc. Text must be nice and easy to read, no matter how interesting is information that it contains, if external design  is unsuccessful, users will not read it.

Beautifully and conveniently posted information (text and graphic) gives website's visitor the opportunity to orient on a website quickly and easy. But when beautifully formed website is overloaded with flash-graphics and pictures, pages will load very slowly. Visitor will simply pass to the more available website. Often the purpose of the website does not require very colorful and graphical design. Instead they need maximum quality of content. It is possible to decorate its pages with a few nice pictures. 

The text should always look like that, so that users wanted to read it. You can follow some simple rules for processing the text on Web pages:

  • The font size of the text should be normal. Too small or too large texts are inconvenient for perception.
  • Harmonious combination of text and background colors is important. For websites with a large amount of text it is better to use classic combination of black text on a white background.
  • To improve the readability of the text, its necessary to highlight the most important parts by font style (bold, italic, underline) and a large font.
  • To sort info, and for it's better receptivity, please use lists.
  • It is advisable not to make long sentences, if  its possible put a point instead of a comma.
  • Big block of text needs to be divided into semantic parts - paragraphs. The test with paragraphs from three to five sentences is perceived much better.
  • Each three, five paragraphs separate as a subarticle and give it name and a subtitle.
  • Divide big articles into several parts .
  • Graphics should help perception of a content. Images are showed there, where  it is difficult to describe by words.
  • In case using of scientific terms, it’s better to make explanation, so all readers could understand you.

Compliance of these simple rules of text management will give you a big advantage for attracting visitors to your site.

Specialists of our web studio will nicely and professionally decorate your site. Correct text management is important  in two aspects: perception of information by visitor of a site and optimization for website promotion in the internet. We are able to combine these components and help you achieve success. Please contact us, we are always glad to provide you with a service.