Development of logo

Using company style in products decorating and advertising, you make your company recognizable. Trademark, logo, color spectrum, company font, forms, envelopes, commercial polygraph production designed in one style will make your company’s face unique. In the broad sense company style means using one style for all kinds of advertisement, documentation, packaging. Company colors are often used not only in polygraph production design but in clothes, accessories, transport. Company style can be used in all attributes of company’s activity, for all forms of advertising, products decor (labels, package).

Company style will help to increase the culture of  company’s activity, and it will raise the quality of products and services it offers. Also it will improve your company’s image for consumers because it serves as the proof of stability and reliability, inner self-organization.

Company (corporative) style – is the shape through which your clients and consumers see you. It is a constantly acting advertising of organization, that’s why we will do our best to work it out. Our high-professional designers have a great experience of creating company style elements. They will make a recognizable unique image of a self-confident company.

Creation of a Company style

Don’t waste any time and start creating your company's image. Even if you are only beginning your activity and your company is small yet, think about trademark. When you think of a name for the company, you are already defining your style. Company’s name is used for logo design ( full or short company name written in original font).

We will work with you on a company style creation considering your wishes and direction of your company’s activity. We will collect information about your activity, company’s history, development perspective, analyze market, study attributes of your partners and competitors. Designer will offer several style solutions for you to review. After getting approval he will professionally develop one of them.

Trademark or logo are basis for creation of a company style. Thoroughly considered original logo draws attention and stands out among many others. A word or a phrase of your logo created  by our talented designers will also attract attention to your products and your company's activity.

Company style can be created gradually by adding, if needed, new elements and making new marketing items (forms, cards, catalogs etc.). The most important thing here is to keep one direction of deco, color solution, similar layout. Company style elements can be used almost on everything that relates to company’s activity.

We will create for you a company style package which can include logo or trade mark, tagline, organization details, service list and other elements of style. You can use it in styling any polygraph production, such as cards, catalogs or packaging.

After we created your company style, we offer to collect all the material into a brand book.

Brand bookincludes detailed instructions for applying company symbolics and its elements. If your company has many branches and filiations, the brandbook will be especially useful for you - all the branches of company will use the same style and logo. 

Recently there is a trend to refuse of using expensive post-press finishing of commercial polygraph production. Product's design becomes more and more important. Laconism and creativity are highly valued. We will create a high qualified design for you. All our works are unique.

Widely using a company style, you will increase your company's image. The unity of styling all kinds of polygraph and other ads will help the consumers to recognize you. Recognizing means trusting because people usually trust familiar things.