Development of Website design

You can order a website design from scratch or update the existing one. Our creative studio of web design has a large and interesting experience in the field of website design.

Website design will make the appearance of your site more attractive and improve the functional navigation, that  surely will help to increase attendance and as a result will increase your income.


Effective design is the powerful tool that will help you to sell your product.

We can make only a website design on request in case you want to order its development in another company.

Creating website design we try to establish the main idea of the site, the bright image. Our designers can embody the idea beautifully and  harmoniously, they find effective solutions, emphasize the main things. The smallest details are worked out. Herewith, site created by our company is maximally useful.

In the beginning of design creation we try find out your goals and issues which you lay to the site, define the target audience. Our work is always based on the cooperation with the clients. The result of such work is the project’s success.


When website redesign is needed and why?

Redesign is needed in case of:

  1. Outdated site design doesn’t suit new directions.
  2. The site is worse than your competitors’ website which looks more modern, solid and interesting.
  3. Inconvenient structure and navigation. Your clients and visitors can’t find necessary information, leave the site. In result the income is lost.
  4. Site’s design and structure suit you and your visitors but you still have a wish to update site’s design, make it more modern, bring something new, improve functionality.

You decided to order your website's redesign?

We will correct disadvantages in the site structure and will do usability audit of site for free.

Providing usability audit of site we will diagnose the site from the navigation and usefulness point of view. Our specialists will define the main faults in site structure. This analyze will allow to do your site clear and simple, useful to any visitor. Convenient and clear structure of the site, available navigation is the guarantee of your potential clients rise. They won’t leave your site for competitor's only for the reason that they couldn’t orient themselves on the site and didn’t find essential product, service or information.

We will pleasantly surprise you with new ideas and a fresh, creative design!

Based on the usability audit results we will write technical task for reconstruction and improving of your site. Designers will create a new site plan, and managers will reconcile it with you. Only after confirming all details a designer will start to bring the ideas to life.

Our creative team will show you the results of design creation in time or even earlier. We are sure the result will  nicely surprise you!

We promise that management of the website will be simple and easy.

For the convenient site management and content updating we will integrate into site modern site management system.

If the site was created in the time when there weren’t  easy and convenient multifunctional site management systems, we will transfer all its content to CMS engine – new site management system. To learn how to use the management system, it isn’t necessary to retrain specially , everyone will be able to easily add new products to catalog, add news or press releases.

Site’s design concept promotion consists of stages:

  1. Defining the promotion, learning order’s wishes.
  2. Analyzing order’s business, studying competitors.
  3. Creating the site's design concept, adaptation of clients' advertising developments to the completed project
  4. Negotiations of sketches with the customer, finishing touches.
  5. Approving design.
  6. Pictured page-proofs control.
  7. Site’s content filling control.
  8. Design accompaniment during site exploitation.

Sites web design

Site's web design is what you see and feel on the monitor visiting any website.

Let’s try to compare site design with a book cover in a big book store. Imagine a visitor who walked into the store without any precise idea of what he wants to buy. His eyes are straying on shelves until he pays attention to a book cover which causes the biggest interest. He will take exactly that one from the shelf and begin to leaf through.

Loading website, the visitor sees the main page, exactly the most important part of your site. Just with it your potential client will assess your company and decide whether it is worth to trust you. The appearance of the site will show how you value yourself, whether you monitor the appearance the site representing you. It is very important that the main page is remembered and fixed in visitor’s conscience by some original solutions, personality, presence of zest, which stimulate to come back here. Without it the further site filling loses its meaning, because maybe nobody will go further to see it.

The customer will get back to the book he liked it, if its content interested him. But maybe he will see some other books with resembling content. And what about websites, there will be more offers. For success not only visuals and graphics  of the website are important.

Reading a book, potential buyer opens it, looks at contents, looks through some articles. He decides whether he likes the structure of given information , exposition form, illustration's quality, absence of grammatical mistakes. The same refers to the website visitor.

During website promotion are considered:

  • Design must correspond to the common site's idea and execute the given tasks;
  • It must attract attention, be original and creative;
  • All necessary information must be placed maximally conveniently and intuitionally clear;
  • Correct navigation through the whole website;
  • Maximal orientation of site design on potential visitors.