Flash technologies

Flash technologies are widely used by webmasters during sites promotion. They greatly wide the abilities of website designing. With the help of the flash animation is added to the site pages and it attracts visitors’ attention, also sounds, flash videos. Using flash technologies interesting banners are created, one of the most modern kind of commercial.

Macromedia Flash instruments give an ability to create different products which are applied in different field of the Internet and advertising.

Flash-sites creation

Long-term practice shows that flash elements using in site designing attracts visitors to the source, and it promotes the significant increasing of the potential clients’ number, income raising. Interesting and peculiar flash videos, animation and other flash elements usually cause great interest of the site’s visitors, attract their attention.

Flash  elements are often used in creating of corporative and promo sites. Such websites have special interest in clients attraction. And the easiest way is to do it with the help of short flash videos and dynamic flash animation. Herewith successful flash elements can tell about products or services more than even rather lucky commercial texts.

Our web studio professionals who specialize on creating websites and particular elements with the help of Macromedia Flash, will make for your site different professional, high level flash elements: videos, animation, banners. Also we can design your site completely on Flash technology.

Flash site design

Order the promotion of flash site or flash elements in our company. We can promote whole site on Flash technology or create particular site elements on this technology. Maximally operatively we will create for you flash design, make flash videos, banners. You will get a good result with high professional level. And our prices are competitive.

Our sites’ designings are able to attract visitors attention. Our banners, flash videos, screensavers, animations cause real interest.

Our studio’s work politics is directed to constant clients conquest. So we always hear carefully customers’ wishes, their remarks and give the ability to bring any offers and corrections in all stages of the order’s execution.

We are always glad of productive cooperation and do our best for our clients staying pleased with our work.

Flash sites or sites with flash elements are very important instruments of the Internet marketing. Interesting memorable flash elements in the site’s design is the base of successful sales.

 Site made completely on flash technology will allow you to surprise your visitor. Because this technology allows to create unique atmosphere, unusual navigation, make information supply extraordinary.

Flash is the ability to make site interactive and use visual effects.

Unfortunately, flash sites have negative sides. Such site’s content can’t be indexed by searching machines and it means that it will be hard to find it. So two versions of the site are promoting in parallel – flash and HTML. It will allow to do the site very attractive and notable for indexation at the same time.

Interactive elements

If you choose the classic HTML site, add flash elements to it for interaction and dynamic. Flash elements built in design of traditional site is the optimal solution allowing the project to look effective and be successfully indexed by search engine systems. Also you will avoid essential spending, necessary for functional flash site promotion.

Flash presentation

If you need presentation use flash elements   for its creating. It can be navigation system, 3D graphics, videos, sound, text information can be presented in several language versions.

Flash presentation is the perfect solution for interactive demonstration  of your company, advertising products or services.

Flash presentation are often demonstrated on expositions and conferences, they can be offered in meeting to partners, clients and dealers. You can place it on your corporative site in downloading mode.

Flash presentation is an excellent solution for widening your advertising company!


What is a flash-banner on the Internet?

Internet banner is a graphic picture with advertising like a commercial block in press. Usually flash-banners include animated elements. Often banners are used as link to advertiser’s website or to the page with detailed information. Banners are rather successfully used for commercial on the Internet, they attract attention by their brilliance, originality, animated plot.



The flash technology allow designers wide abilities of original ideas implementation. It is interesting to use flash in some website elements: menu, saver, in banners. It improves website recognition, and respectively company image. Using flash-banner you will bring dynamic and beauty to the structure of website. With the help of banners it is possible to visualize almost every idea. Often it is easier to tell your ideas in animated form than to write an appropriate text. And an interesting graphic image will attract attention more quickly. Flash-banner can include smooth animation, combine raster and vector graphics. On the flash-banner you will be able to present goodly your production, services or trade mark.

Flash-banners used as commercial and website pages decoration are more effective than usual gif or jpeg banners.

Creation of flash-banner is a good choice for attracting visitors to website. It is perfect ability of bringing important information to visitors.