Rewriting is changing the text in order to make it unique.

Opposite to the retelling you did at school, rewriting means paraphrase of the meaning of a text or passage using another words, so that the text will appear different from the original one, but it must have the same sense, or close to it. Rewriting makes the text unique.

Why is it necessary?

The text content of the site is very important for arousing visitors’ interest. But besides this, it has very significant effect on the search engine results. Copywriters and rewriters are experts in text writing. They know how to write texts for a Website.

Rewriting of the text is much simpler than copywriting (creating new articles) and the rewrite fees are cheaper. Clients very often prefer rewriting and it is enough for them. Rewriting allows you to create original texts, and this is a very important condition for successful website promotion in search engines.

Copying other people's material from another websites was never encouraged. It has become a huge deal lately. Search engines will quickly discover that the content of your website is not unique. The higher is the uniqueness of the text, the higher is the search result. The higher is the search result, the more visitors can be attracted from the search engines. And any website owner has a strong interest in great attendance of his website.

Rewriter knows certain rules which must be considered when you write the text. He also knows how to make the content of your website exclusive.

Choosing the professionals, you will improve the quality of the content of your website.