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Skydio launches their autonomous flying drone
Skydio, a company focused on intelligent flight technologies, has just released their first fully autonomous flying camera drone, named R1. What sets it apart from all the other similar devices is that it’s able to track and follow individuals at speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour all...
SignAll develops digital sign language translator technology
The technological progress never stops for a moment and almost every day certain inspiring news surface, some of which bring hope to many. Today, we’ll cover not some cool gadget or a gimmick but a device that might actually improve the quality of life of millions of people. SignAll, a sm...
Google changes its image search system
In order to prevent the unauthorized use of copyrighted images, Google, as part of an agreement with photobank Getty images, has announced changes to their image search system. The change involves the removal of the “view image” button from Google search, thus preventing users from ...
How A/B testing can help improve conversion rates
Some of you may have heard about A/B testing before, but for the most part, this very useful method of website optimization doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. In this article, we will try to explain what it really is, and how this clever, yet rather simple analysis can effectiv...
The "E-Mova" project is launched!
We are pleased to announce that "E-Mova" — the project for learning the Ukrainian language, was launched! The design of the "E-Mova" website and its layout were entrusted to the specialists of our company and we, as well as the organizers of the project, are extremely pleased with the resul...
Logo redesign – reasons and benefits
In this article we will look at the several objective reasons why redesigning a logo is not the whim of the design department, but rather a part of the natural selection in the marketing competition environment. Everyone will agree that a company logo is an integral part of its identity, but com...
The importance of unique content
The Internet provides unique opportunities for business development with a myriad of new websites appearing daily. Nowadays it is difficult to find a more or less successful organization or a company that does not have its own website. But have you ever thought about what a website really is for?...
How to pick a good domain name
Choosing a domain name is the first thing you will have to do while starting an online business and it is advisable to put great care when making that decision, as the domain will significantly affect your company's success online. SEO efforts, your business attractiveness, and the levels of sale...

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