Analysis of the content

In order to promote a website, so it could be found by search engine systems in first results, a relevant content is created - it  matches requests and ensures that there are enough keywords. Web content analysis service gives a possibility to explore and analyze the content thoroughly.

Content is all texts that are placed on the website. If it corresponds the visitors serarches, it helps website promotion. Using a content analysis service, you can get a quality informational filling of your website.

Content analysis service defines:

  • website content;
  • webpage load time;
  • text information relevance;;
  • page size;
  • density of words on page;
  • frequency of using words;
  • quantity of keywords used;
  • density of keywords found;
  • stop words;

Web content analysis results are shown in an easy to read form of a table.

Based on analysis results a certain recomendations will be given, on how to improve an informational filling, its quality and quality of the keywords, used in text.

A quality content  is an important moment in website promotion. For better promotion of your website we recommend you to use web content analysis service.

Beside this, you can also use another services for fuller and faster analysis of your website.