Analysis of the market

Marketing audit of  site is all-round analysis of web resource of  customer, his goods and services. Research of  marketing environment of  client is carried out to networks. Marketing audit indicates position of test site in internet, makes the assessment of  competitive marketing environment of used business segments, analyzing  target audience, generates recommendations for a successful business..Marketing audit is wider concept than  SEO analysis. It promotes expansion of your presence iniInternet, promotion oof a new brand on  market, creates conditions for strengthening of available positions in  network.

By results of  marketing analysis  strategic and tactical decisions  for resource positioning in internet, its improvement and advertising promotion are accepted. Full picture of internet environment of client is provided.

Components of marketing audit:

  • Studying of  market segment.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Studying of target audience.
  • Analysis of foreign analogs.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

Studying of a market segment. analysis of general characteristics is carried out: volume and potential market capacity, its key tendencies, features of dynamics. These parameters are used for strategic vision of business, formation of general idea about volume and capacity of  market. After this stage  the following answers to questions will be received:

  • What volume of  present target market in internet? What volume of  potential target market could be?           
  • What occurs in the target market? What  are the tendencies? What its dynamics ?

Competitive analysis. Analysis of web sites of competitors is carried out  during marketing audit. The competitive environment is studied: intensity of  competition on market is estimated, main competitors, their key characteristics are defined, their audience, weak and strong sides  of their internet presence is analyzed. Usually three or four most essential sites of competitors are defined, and express audit is carried out for them. As a result competitive analysis gives information about rivals, what is  their strategy in internet, what are their advantages and behavior shortcomings. These data can promote essential increase of  efficiency of customer's  resource and successfully conduct competitive fight. 

After  competitive analysis the following answers to questions will be received:

  • What weak and strengths sides of competitors?
  • What is the reason of their successful business in Internet?
  • What can be taken into consideration from competitor's practice?
  • How to fight against them?

Analysis of target audience is a studying of target audience in internet and getting information about it. It is necessary to understand distinctions between off-line and on-line audiences, they can differ radically. Data which are received during  traditional marketing analysis, aren't applied to make strategy in internet. Thus marketing audit of web site has the same purposes, as usual market research: to define and estimate volume and dynamics of target audience. During research experts analyze  points of view and preferences of audience of a site concerning product in general and  concrete product of the customer. Relation to competitors' products is taken into calculation, it turns out the key interests of the audience and factors that generally affect on decision to buy or not to buy. Such analysis gives right idea of audience of the customer in internet. It is important for planning of advertizing activity and selection of mechanisms for product positioning. Research of an internet environment of the consumer lets know   his requirement, motivation of purchase, perception of usability of a site, preference on design better.

After analysis of target audience the following answers to questions will be received:

  • Who is  final user of  customer, what characterizes it?
  • What motives of purchases (or other target action) or refusal?
  • What are the reasons of success of competitor's sites  ?
  • What  are involving and repellent factors for target audience?
  • What else are there requirements of target audience?
  • How it is possible to enrich a product for representation it bigger consumer value?

Analysis of foreign analogs. As  western segment of internet advances its development in Ukraine and other CIS countries, information received from  western sources is possible to use for forecasts of further development of  internet market of  domestic customer. The analysis of similar foreign resources reveals successes or failures of these or those tactics.

There is a possibility of a choice of the most successful techniques, avoiding possible mistakes.

In  analysis of  foreign  practise of market abroad, we define features of practical activities of similar projects, we get acquainted with the main methods of advance in a certain internet market.

Chosing  2-3 foreign analogs, we will make profiles of them where all significant characteristics will be displayed on each of them.

Conclusions and recommendations Marketing audit of a site is finished with forming full report. All information which received in the course of research is summarized in it. Lists of strategic and tactical recommendations are formed. Advice relating to  general questions of development of site, resource positioning in internet, developments of advertizing support are given.

For more  study of market please  order development of strategy of the internet project., Detailed marketing analysis of a site will be held, activity of bigger number of competitors, wide audit of models of their business will be investigated.  Development of internet strategy sets as purpose to create clear understanding about product positioning,  communicative concept and to make the media plan of complex promotion of a resource of the client in internet.

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