Website audit is a detailed analysis and evaluation of web recource's condition, finding ways to improve it. Website's audit is performed to increase effectiveness of it's promotion, to make it more relevant for search engines.

 Types of website audit:

  • Express audit – is an analysis of website's work, logging of errors found, recommendations on how to remove them.
  • SEO-audit – search promotion check, website diagnosis in order to find mistakes, that can make it's promotion difficult, evaluation of optimization possibilities.
  • Technical audit – search for errors, that may have a negative impact on website's perfomance and promotion.
  • Usability-audit – website usability evaluation. Parameters that are considered: design, page navigation, content.

Express-audit – simplified website's analysis, that is carried out before website optimization. Analysis defines website's position on the internet, errors are found and logged, recommendations on how to correct them are given.

SEO-audit – search for critical errors in search optimization, definition of website's semantic core. SEO-audit determines quality and quantity of external links, performs comparative analysis with competitors websites. Collected data defines main pages that are important for website promotion. Are given recommendations, on how to forbid from indexation "unneeded" pages.

Technical audit – search for errors, that may have a negative impact on website's perfomance and promotion.

Usability-audit – website usability evaluation. By usability audit the following parameters are used: how website design is percepted, navigation, website content. Are found elements, that may repel users.

We also perform additional services of website audit. They are individual and are defined by exact problems and cases.

Website audit – is the first thing to do, if you want to make your website attractive. According to the observations, around 85% of al websites bring much less income than they are expected. If your website is one of them, you have to perform it's audit ASAP, optimize promoted pages, analyze competing websites and se other ways to make your website the best.

Audit results will help you to establish, how workable it is, is it usinf 100 % of it's potential, is it paying off money invested in its promotion.

Audit and website optimization will answer such questions as:

  • How to increase website's income?
  • Why visitors rate is so low?
  • Why page index is bad?
  • How do your competitors work and why do they have bigger income?

It is also possible, that visitors rate is good, but number of calls isn't increasing. Audit will answer this question as well.

Website audit is necessary, when you need quickly eliminate technical errors or make the website more attractive for the users, improve it's usability.

Website audit and optimization will give you an opportunity to decrease promotion expenses and in the same time to increase sales. If your goal is to make your website successful, useful and selling - order an audit.

Website audit is performed before optimization and promotion start. It is necessary to analyze your web resource and it's components.

We will analyze your website and will provide you with a detailed, itemized report about technical errors, content mistakes, that are standing in the way of your success.

External and Internal website audit is held.

Audit result's report includes the following information:

  • Website's level of optimization for the search engine systems.
  • Internal links' mistakes. They interfere with the indexing.
  • Does the content of the site condition search engines, how visible it is for them.
  • The indication of the most visited pages, identification of audience of a site.
  • Finding the most visited pages, finding it's audience .
  • Possible program errors, gaps in code, tags, headers.
  • Determination, whether the navigaation is easy for users.
  • Search result position analysis, comparing to the competitors website's positions.
  • The cost of keyword clicks in Яndex.Direct, Google Adwords,

In advanced audit, usability evaluation is performed.

Usability diagnostic determines:

  • Correct appearance in different web browsers.
  • Page load speed, including graphics.
  • Audience availability.
  • Website structure evaluation.
  • Ease of website navigation, it's use, speed of finding the needed information.
  • Interface mistakes.
  • Logical mistakes in website's architecture.
  • Results of website testing by real users.

Complex audit helps easy website promotion, without excessive cost.

Detailed report of the audit includes analysis of website condition and recommendations on how to improve it.