Correction of errors on the website

Website's main task is to be profitable for it's owner. Mistakes on the website can seriously affect its competitiveness and damage the image of your company.

Therefore it is very important to find and correct website mistakes in time. This laborious work also demands participation of experts.

The first necessary thing to do, is to find defects. Their possible location:

  • In a program code.
  • Layout(html code) or content.
  • In promotion strategy.

Our studio suggests to perform the detailed analysis and to correct mistakes on your website.

Contact us for consult if you have noticed that the website is unstable or some of its elements do not appear as intended. Probably, pages of a website are differently displayed in different browsers. We will correct mistakes and incorrectness, put things in order and will give you useful recommendations about development and site promotion.

For your website we offer:

  • Reliable hosting – disposition on our servers, ensuring technical support of the website
  • Correction of mistakes and incorrect actions.
  • Site promotion, informational support.
  • Correction of bugs (mistakes) in already existing program modules. Connection of additional modules
  • Transition to CMS used by us and training how to work with a website through this CMS

We accept orders for errors correction, existing programs revision, functionality update.

Elimination of errors on the website, also includes corrections of code for better indexing in search engines. It has to do with use of such tags, as TITLE, H1-5, special attributes in IMG, use of addresses of pages instead of figures and special symbols and other.

For correction of mistakes in work of the website, code or design correction or addition of new features to it's functional, you should provide us with the full access to a hosting of your site or a copy of files of a website (source code).