The advantages of professional layout:

Compact code. Search engine systems easier perceive websites with compact code. Such code can be provided by professional layout using CSS styles. WEbsite with compact code is easy to promote on the Internet and therefore attracts more users.

Small weight. The faster website loads, the greater is a probability of holding the user on the resource. Because in case the website is slow and loading of pages delays, the visitor can refuse loading and go to another site.

Cross-browser compatibility. Different browsers process web-pages differently. Professional layout of the website guarantees correct display of all its pages in all browsers. Such layout allows to display created design of the pages without distortions, correctly display texts, saves working links, buttons, pop-up windows. Only professionally layed out website will worthily present your company in the Internet. 

Cross-platform. Complete work of the website on all platforms is ensured, no matter what device or operating system user uses. 

Versatility of use (usability). Modern websites are designed according to W3C standards for provide website content availability for users of portable devices and for people with limited functional abilities.

Our web studio offers services of table and DIV HTML website layouts, that correspond to the modern Internet standards (HTML, CSS, XML).


Relatively simple method of page frame creating with precise fixing of its elements.

Browser display control is easy provided. Design structure  and table data are linked at the same time. Table layout of the site is based on making up the pages, and for this the table tag is used. Foreign developers rarely use it.


It is more modern layout based on CSS styles table use. Page elements are given in blocks. Block layout of the page has a range of essential advantages:

  • Pages have small code and load quick;
  • The code is easy and clear;
  • The code is optimized for search engine systems;
  • Dynamic page design is created.

Combined layout is often used, which includes table and DIV.

We do projects of different levels of difficulty. The price of every project depends on volume of the work and is calculated individually.