Web Hosting

A web hosting service is an Internet hosting service which provides placement of the websites in the Internet, the physical location of their information on a Web server, which is in the network round-the-clock and continuously, as well as the website maintenance.

Fast and reliable hosting is an important component of a good site. Successful operation of your site depends on the quality of hosting. If the server that hosts the website will have a problem,  you will lose a lot of visitors until the problem is solved. These problems can lead to the loose of your potential customers. They can choose your competitors.


The following factors are important to choose a hosting company:

  • You can access your website it any time, it is online. To check this setting you can use a program that notifies you about the inaccessibility of the site.
  • The capacity of the channel.
  • The performance of servers.
  • Technical support for hosting. It depends on the hardware that stores the site, and on the staff of technical support.
  • File backup. As even the most trusted hosting providers may have the failure of the server, it is important that information is copied and stored on the server with the possibility to restore it.

An important aspect is the ability to use CGI scripts; they make it possible to install news apps, voting forms, guest books, chat rooms and forums on the site. It is important to provide ftp-access to your project. You can use file transfer protocol (FTP) that simplify file transfer between your computer and server hosting. Ask about the volume of the mailbox and the number of addresses.

And there is another small but important detail. You should know whether you get advance notice about the lack of money in the account.

Our web-studio chooses GoodHoster.net as a reliable hosting provider.

Advantages of the choice of GoodHoster.net for you are the following:

  • Our specialists are responsible for the operation of websites round-the-clock.
  • Stable operation of hosting with unlimited traffic. The servers use such popular software as PHP, MySQL, Apache, Django, Python with wsgiPerl, Sendmail, SSH, Exim, SSL, etc., the control panel Cpanel, the operating system Linux. Using Linux-based host you can get the high speed access, security and stability.
  • safe protection of information. We back up your data regularly; so you can restore them at your request. We back up the information on the shared hosting servers every day; in another data center they do it once a week or once a month.
  • Wide range of services. You can choose among a normal hosting, a physical server (unlimited traffic), and safe virtual server. We provide complete control over the administration. If you rent virtual or dedicated physical servers we provide root access.
  • Consultations of our managers and Linux hosting administrators about everything. Twenty-four-hour chat and the availability of the feedback form. We will help you to choose the best charge rate for your project.